Celtic Masterclass

Celtic Scripts adapted for Contemporary Calligraphy

Course Summary

An intensive and thrilling examination of historic Insular or Celtic Art that gradually moves to focus-in on script. After a revealing analysis of script development that took over two hundred years, you'll have eyes to perceive the difference between "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" to a degree unknown to academics studying the manuscripts. Three contemporary scripts are then presented for your study, an adapted Celtic Half-Uncial; a Celtic Hybrid script with italic characteristics mixed in; and a set of hybrid capitals. Each is taught in great detail. Basic techniques, as well as advanced ones, are offered so this is for all levels of calligrapher who want an inspiring challenge. There is no exam, no completion date; so you can do as much as you have time for, whenever you like. For the minority of super-dedicated students, there could be a year's work with more to keep coming back to. Others may dip in and out for entertainment and feel good that your investment will help fund those with time and energy to aspire to further the craft and art of calligraphy.

Course Curriculum

Denis Brown

Denis is reputed internationally as a leading figure in Western calligraphy. Continual development of 32 years to date has followed a full-time education in calligraphy. A master of the broad pen in both traditional and uniquely individual experimental styles, his media includes calfskin vellum, paper, glass and film. His works have a unique beauty that is more than skin deep and are occasionally provocative. Denis has taught at the invitation of calligraphy guilds internationally since he was 20 years old and is known for his clarity of explanation in teaching. Also aged 20, he was elected as the youngest Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, while working on The Great Book of Ireland from his home studio in Dublin. He has rare tech prowess for a craftsman, so his films are highly professional, as well as artistically presented.

Lisa K Calligraphy

Illinois, USA

Just signed up and am moved to tears at how beautifully this is produced. The lush audio and stunning visuals.... It is an unbelievable value for the quality of production and information being taught. Read more independent testimonials.

Unlimited Access over Time

This masterclass is available for buyers to view for an unlimited period. That means as much as you like, whenever you like, with no expiry date! I believe it is important that you will have unrestricted access over time. Having said this, technology may catch up with the programming at some future stage or other unforeseen reasons could lead to eventual termination. Nonetheless, my first masterclass is still online for users 8 years after its launch. Some have told me they benefitted from redoing the entire course again years later; they found they could appreciate aspects that went over their heads at first. So this is an investment for the longer term.

Monica Marquez

Florida, USA

Just enrolled! The only thing better than seeing you live and enjoy your jokes and character, is enjoying the excellence and professionalism of your videos. We are all struggling, but this is so worth to have. Read more independent testimonials.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages of online learning compared to a class with me in person. Naturally, nothing beats being able to call an instructor to your desk and have him or her sit down and help you solve a problem. On the other hand, this masterclass gives more detailed information and a LOT more of it than I can provide in weeklong workshops, that are generally the longest I am asked to teach. The history section is presented as dynamic documentary films, not boring slideshows (watch the preview movie above fullscreen in 1080p HD and with headphones on). You access from the comfort of your home (many of us are stuck at home right now) and any time you like. You’ll have no airfares or travel and accommodation costs to learn from an internationally acclaimed instructor. I do not offer individual critiques at present, although there is the possibility of adding that via video calls and email, if the demand is there. 

Kevin Honan

Dublin, Ireland

...it is absolutely magnificent. I’m going to take it slowly and gradually and it will last me for years. I haven’t had time to go through all yet but the sheer quality of the presentation is exceptional, never before seen in online calligraphy! Read more independent testimonials.

More Advantages

Through close-up video, you’ll have a better view of my demonstrations than anyone in a live class, with  a group of up to 20 people crowded around my table, and can stop, rewind or rewatch video at any stage. Some of the advantages of a live class with me, for some, with be advantages of the online format for others; such as me not making jokes on film, or not continually coming around pointing out all your mistakes in a live class, lol. This program is more affordable than a weeklong class and offers much more content than three of them. I also hope this masterclass will  increase your desire to attend a live class with me if/when that opportunity arises!

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  • 6.5 hours of superior videos
  • Documentary-style history features
  • Three scripts:
  • 1. An adapted Celtic Half-uncial
  • 2. “Celtic Hybrid” script
  • 3. Capitals for the Celtic Hybrid script
  • Inspiring ancient and contemporary artworks
  • An internationally renowned artist and instructor
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