Testimonials for Calligraphy.TV courses

This course is a work of art. I love the way you approached the filming of each lesson. Your class is not only about calligraphy, but also about the harmony and beauty of this world. Thank you so much for your work! I have received countless amounts of pleasure!


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Just finished 'LASTING MARKS' and found it to be a very effective way to learn. The creation of these videos, that combined Field Trips to paper mills, lectures, advice, sound effects, demonstrations, methods, materials and techniques is a remarkable achievement in itself. I'm going to nominate it for an Oscar in the 'One Man Does It All' category. Beautifully executed. I can't Thank Denis enough for his visionary, lasting approach to teaching.

Karen Kant

United States

“I have purchased this programme and want to shout out to everyone, even if not a calligrapher, the production on all of Denis Brown's offerings is like watching a performance. You may enjoy it even if you never pick up a pen. I believe though you will be inspired and who knows what happens then.” 

Linda Tanaka

Alberta, Canada

"Your online course changed my calligrapher’s life. Your pedagogy and the absolute perfection of the course elevate my work and my approach of the Italic script.Thank you very very much !" 

David Tournament

Paris, France

“Irresistible! And in a ‘class’ by itself!”

Anne Batten

California, USA

"…the quality of the ideas, the teaching and the production are all outstanding. I shall enjoy attempting to master the various sections though it may take many years of enjoyable struggle…." 

Barbara Alldred

United Kingdom

“Can't think of a better value for your 'stay at home' time and beyond! Denis's program will amaze AND educate, as well as elevate your calligraphy. This is one-of-a-kind and should be a no-brainer for those wanting to up their calligraphic game.”

Chicago Calligraphy Collective

Illinois, USA

“Congratulations Denis, a really impressive display of structure and production.”

John Stevens

Renowned Calligrapher
North Carolina, USA

"In a single afternoon, I learned more about writing the Italic hand than I have in whole courses on it! I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered the entire project, as practicing calligraphy definitely helps brush strokes in watercolor, and even acrylics." 

Mary Manning

Nevada/Utah USA

“Your programs are the most professional ones, as you did it already before Corona. All the others who just do it now because of the situation cannot be compared to the most professional way you do it.”

Pia Sedlmaier

Bavaria, Germany

"...saying that 'I am thrilled' with it, seems a mighty understatement ! I can see you really have put your heart and soul into every single frame, so I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, for that part of your soul which you are passing on so completely and so generously to people like myself all over the world. I look forward to delving and studying; I think for the rest of my life!!
Having attended a couple of workshops on your trips to 'Oz', it really IS like having you in the room next to me. The demonstrations you do, cover all the nitty gritty bits on each letter, everything I need to know about every letter, you explain, without being asked !!......... AND, I can get 'you' to repeat it over and over and over again if I wish.........wonderful !." 

Sue Zanker

Queensland, Australia

“I am finding so much healing from stress in watching you work. You are adored. Thank you for doing this video!”

Heather Held

ON, Canada

"I am always blown away by your music choices and high production values. Your productions and your calligraphy marry into a unique presentation of high value. I am so uplifted and inspired after watching any one of them.”

Linda Tanaka

Alberta, Canada

"It is your masterpiece, Denis, and your gift to us all that will impact calligraphy for generations to come." 

Harvest Coffey Crittenden


“It is absolutely magnificent. I’m going to take it slowly and gradually and it will last me for years. I haven’t had time to go through all yet but the sheer quality of the presentation is exceptional, never before seen in online calligraphy!”

Kevin Honan

Dublin, Ireland

“I am loving it. The detail is FANTASTIC. Yes I had to shout, having watched it all. It is Amazing! Treat yourself to it, honestly it is just unbelievably great. ”

Collene Kalb

NSW, Australia

“Just signed up and am moved to tears at how beautifully this is produced. The lush audio and stunning visuals.... It is an unbelievable value for the quality of production and information being taught.”

Lisa K Calligraphy

Illinois, USA

“Dear Denis, I am deeply touched by your work! It is more than fantastic. Your letters; every stroke—your whole work, we all know, there are no words to describe it—superlative (I don’t know the term in English). Also, your ideas are unique and your teaching talent is more than we could expect!! ”

Charlotte Huggel


“… beautifully mastered…. Am working 4 hours per day on it and enjoying it tremendously.

"The documentary beginning and background were particularly helpful in exposing kitsch versions of Celtic versus the more authentic. You deftly explain all the sources which is so helpful.

"... I enjoy working at my own pace at home as there is no insecurity or tension sometimes experienced in a live class…. Being able to ‘pause’ you while one grasps/perfects the concept before moving on is for me almost preferable, if I may say so."

Judi Hopewell 

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

"You can see and feel that you've put your heart and soul in it. It's so beautifully made... amazing. I'm so happy with it. This was the best present I could buy for myself :-)
A big thanks for all the work you've put in making these films and spreading all this knowledge. It's like having your private teacher at home, one that you can rewind, playback, pause... and one that don't get bored demonstrating the same thing hundreds of times....
Now I can start to practice, practice, practice.... ." 

Natalie Derese


“Just enrolled! The only thing better than seeing you live and enjoy your jokes and character, is enjoying the excellence and professionalism of your videos. We are all struggling, but this is so worth to have.”

Monica Marquez

Florida, USA

Thank you for your comments and enjoy the programs!

Denis Brown

Calligrapher, Masterclass designer, instructor and producer.
Dublin, Ireland