Text into Texture

Layering Calligraphy for Artistic Textures

Course Summary

Denis Brown teaches calligraphy as evocative texture. From paper, through colour, to layered translucent media—and, for the first time, the acclaimed artist fully reveals his unique approach to creating three-dimensional layered writings on glass!

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Denis teaches the artistic principles of layering, referencing abstract expressionist painting, music and beyond. He then presents layered calligraphy exercises on paper—and later on layered translucent media. Learn how to create textures that appear either spacious—or closely integrated and tight-knit. Comprehend how to contrast them effectively against each other. Be inspired to understand that you can communicate artistically through illegible text. 

For the first time, the instructor teaches (in 3D depth) his innovative and unique methods of making art from engraved writings on layered glass. Discover the tools for engraving (entry points start around $30) and learn all the techniques that took him many years to realise. 

Total runtime of the tightly edited course videos: c. 3.5 hours. A must-have video course to watch and rewatch in your own time, unlimited. 

Course Curriculum

Denis Brown

Sue Zanker

Queenlsnd, Australia

Saying that 'I am thrilled' with it, seems a mighty understatement! I can see you really have put your heart and soul into every single frame, so I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, for that part of your soul which you are passing on so completely and so generously to people like myself all over the world. I look forward to delving and studying; I think for the rest of my life!

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